System Design

Network design is an optimizing process by function distribution and includes following procedures.

  • Define Network Concept
  • Configure Network Architecture
  • Network Design
    -Distribute functions
    -Create a database
    -Verification by simulation

Network Concept
Define characteristics of vehicle communication on the basis of system requirements.
Network Architecture
Communication network is applied in various domains in vehicle and domain-specific characteristics are taken into consideration.
  • - Powertrain
  • - Chassis
  • - Body/Comfort
  • - Multimedia/Infotainment
  • - Passive Safety
  • - Diagnostics
Network Architecture
Network Design
- Distribution of functions
The function distribution is carried out on such way that the function modules can be used multiplied in order to optimize the system performance.
- Database
All necessary information for network design is defined in database
  • - Developing car model and project name
  • - ECU information
  • - Tx/Rx messages and signals
- Simulation
Network simulation is used to verify the communication behavior of design results and carried out step by step as follows.